Simplified SIP

SIP is a protocol that has been around for a while and is the foundation for many
communication systems including voice, video solutions, and UC platforms. It enables the establishment of multimedia sessions over IP networks. 

With the UK moving to a full digital network by 2025 and UK exchanges now being in 'stop sell' status , SIP provides an ideal ISDN replacement solution.

Simplified SIP Features

  • Direct ordering and in-life order management via our portal
  • Option of SIP Trunks with or without unlimited call bundles (conditions apply)*
  • MiVID II compliant inbound and outbound call recording
  • Ability to set up daily and monthly fraud alerts
  • Schedule advanced call diverts
  • Diagnostics - SIP tracing available
  • Add IP address and run tests to check ports are open
  • Number flexibility with NGN and International numbers

Key reasons for deploying SIP

  • Business continuity and contingency options
  • Greater efficiencies over ISDN
  • Cost savings
  • ISDN end-of-life (2025 Switch Off)
  • Number flexibility

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