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Yealink BH72 Lite Bluetooth Business Headset
High-definition audio, retractable microphone, and Acoustic Shield Technology

The Yealink BH72 Lite Bluetooth Wireless Business Headset is a stylish and versatile headset that is perfect for both professional and personal use. It features hi-fi audio quality, a retractable hidden microphone arm, and Yealink Acoustic Shield Technology supported by dual microphones. This technology helps to block out background noise and ensures that your voice is always heard clearly.

The BH72 Lite is also compatible with all leading Unified Communications platforms, including Teams and Zoom. This makes it the perfect headset for use in the office or on the go.

Key Features

  • High-definition audio quality
  • Retractable hidden microphone arm
  • Bluetooth connectivity for on-the-go music, meetings, or at your desk

RRP £186.18
Promo Price £53.19
 71% off

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At these prices why would you recommend any other quality headset brand?

Other Bluetooth headsets on offer But call for the best prices...

Yealink Headsets

Every headset you'll ever need

Bluetooth, DECT and wired headsets

BH72 Bluetooth Headsets

Anywhere, Workplace

Stylish for business and personal use
Unparalleled music and calling experience  
Multiple microphones: Acoustic Shield Technology
Multi-functional wireless charging
Ultra-wide angle visible busylight 

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WH62/63 DECT headsets

Redefine Your Workspace

Ergonomic design for all-day wearing comfort
Superior calling experience 
Noise-cancelling microphones
Long wireless range
All day power for more working flexibility
Seamless compatibility for consistent calling experience

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UH34/36 Wired Headsets

Stable Audio, Flexible Connection

Simple and flexible connectivity
Excellent audio performance
All day wearing comfort  
Native integration and easy management

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A10 MeetingBar 

From under £600!

Powerful, AI-enhanced conferencing features for small meeting spaces. The new all-in-one Yealink A10 MeetingBar is both simple to use and can be set up in minutes. Start using it in standalone BYOD mode, but it's prepared, certified and ready if you upgrade to a Microsoft Teams environment, future-proofing your investment.

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New Yealink A20 / A30 MeetingBar prices
Now even bigger discounts. So good we can't publish them.
Speak to your account manager now!

A20 MeetingBar

Small meeting rooms
One digital camera with a wide field of view

8 microphones for directional speaker tracking
Touch panel for one button "Join the meeting"
Certified for Microsoft Teams and ZoomRooms 

Learn moreCode: 68512

A30 MeetingBar

Bigger, but not massive, meeting rooms
Yes, it's got two cameras. Why?
One for a digital wide view, and then an optical camera for quality zooming, picture-in picture tracking and focus on the speaker

8 microphones for directional speaker tracking
Touch panel for one button "Join the meeting"
Certified for Microsoft Teams and ZoomRooms

Learn moreCode: 69794

A cableless video conferencing system. Really?
Ok.... you do need a power cable, but an all-in-one video conferencing system makes it so easy to both install and use.

Cameras, speakers and microphones all in one meeting bar. Oh, yes. It also includes all the controlling technology, like artificial intelligence, speaker tracking, wireless, Bluetooth, that other systems need a separate, small PC, to deliver. These systems have it all built-in. And mount it on a trolley with a screen and easily wheel from room to room as needed.

Did Sam mention "One touch Join"?
Sam, as one of our experts, has come across a few video conferencing systems in her time.
"So simple my dog, Kola, the Cockapoo, could use it." That's what Sam said.
Walk into the meeting room, press a button and you're straight into the video conference.

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