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NetAlly Network Testing Tools

When it comes to network testing and analysis, NetAlly is the #1 ally of network professionals around the world. As an industry leader for more than 25 years, the best-in-class tools and software enable your team to more effectively plan, install, validate, and troubleshoot vitally important wired and wireless networks.

Why NetAlly?

  • Innovative - Actively seeking and implementing new ideas that transform the way your customers get their jobs done.
  • Trusted - Customers have confidence in the range of products for accurate insight.
  • Reliable - Customers can depend on the products and as allies, trust that NetAlly do what they say and get things done.
  • Responsive - NetAlly act. Fast. They're a nimble organisation that reacts quickly to opportunities and the needs of customers.
  • Best in Class - The products, services and expertise are unsurpassed in the industry.

NetAlly's leading-edge tools work hard to get the job done fast


Simplifying the complexities of network testing. 


Providing instant visibility for efficient problem solving.


Enabling seamless collaboration between site personnel and remote experts.

NetAlly LinkRunner

LinkRunner AT lets network technicians run pre-set tests for a wide range of important tasks. Its automated testing can quickly test cables and identify switches, making it easier to find and solve connectivity problems.

LinkRunner 10G Adanved Network Tester

The LinkRunner 10G, is a cost-effective portable Ethernet tester for copper and fiber 10 Gig networks that simplifies validation and configuration, and streamlines workflows by combining essential functions into a single, portable.

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LinkRunner AT 2000 Extended Test Kit

The LinkRunner AT Network AutoTester offers user-configured AutoTests for a wide range of important tasks. This network tester's quick cable test and switch identification facilitate fast problem isolation.

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LinkRunner AT 2000 Network Connectivity Tester

This network tester's quick cable test and switch identification facilitate fast problem isolation. Results can be uploaded to the Link-Live Cloud Service to improve collaboration between network engineers and technicians.

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The world's first comprehensive handheld cybersecurity analyser

Complete visibility. It’s what your customers need but despite all the resources they have, there are still gaps. Ensuring the security of their sites is of utmost importance, but requires thorough site assessments to validate network configurations and segmentation, find rogue devices, and identify endpoint vulnerabilities. CyberScope is unique because it offers comprehensive site security assessment, analysis and reporting from a single, powerful, portable tool.

  • Discover - Probe endpoints and networks.
  • Identify - Classify devices as authorised, unauthorised, neighbour or unknown.
  • Locate - Find endpoints fast, on the wire or in the air.
  • Analyse - Study endpoints for vulnerabilities.
  • Report - Create reports, collaborate and share.

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EtherScope nXG

Ethernet network tester & WiFi diagnostics tool

Taking on the complexity of ever-changing access networks, EtherScope nXG is a powerful network tester & WiFi 6 diagnostics tool that helps engineers and technicians to quickly deploy, maintain, monitor, analyze and secure WiFi, Bluetooth/BLE and Ethernet access networks.

  • Use advanced testing apps and purpose-built hardware.
  • Verify and validate up to 10G Ethernet network performance.
  • Easily document complex network deployments.
  • Faster and easier Wi-Fi and Bluetooth/BLE surveys with AirMapper site survey.
  • Attain complete device visibility and detect network changes.

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EtherScope nXG Network Expert with AirMapper Site Survey

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