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Yealink has a VoIP handset for every customer scenario.  You can feel there's been no compromising quality the moment you pick them up. Entry-level options still have great audio quality. Top-of-the-range products boast the latest technology, keeping your customers connected in every way they could imagine.
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Desk handsets

  • Professional HD audio
  • Yealink Noise Proof technology
  • Colour or black and white screens
  • Touchscreen or hard-key buttons
  • Designed to be deployed and managed easily, even in large volumes

Cordless handsets

  • See Everyone Clearly
  • Smart Video Conferencing with AI Technology
  • Precise Sound Localisation, Full-Duplex Experience
  • All-in-one Design for Fast Start


Introducing the new Yealink T4U Series

Yealink’s new T4U VoIP Phone Series is an upgraded version from the already reliable Yealink T4 Phone Series with added enhancements such as dual firmware images and dual USB ports.

The new Yealink T4U series greatly improves call experience and work efficiency, with all models featuring dual USB ports, Ultra HD sound quality, faster response speed, and even more advanced features. 

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