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With Nimans, you can gain expert knowledge about Yealink's Microsoft Teams Room systems from some of the most talented minds in the industry.

You'll be better equipped to support your customers, helping them become their most productive and powerful selves.

In addition, Nimans has been selected to be one of only a few distributors in EMEA to champion Yealink and Microsoft's Teams meeting room systems.

It's because we have award-winning, dedicated experts who can provide demos, trial kits, and advice. They'll help you position products and get involved in your projects, partnering with you to present them to your customers. When they do... they have an 85% success rate in closing deals.

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Hybrid Working - Why The Hype?

Hybrid Work is Inevitable

73% of workers say they want flexible remote work options

Flexible Work Environments

80% of managers expect to have more flexible work from home policies

Meeting Rooms     

93% of meeting rooms are equipped with only minimal technology for collaborative working


63% of workers would use video conferencing if their huddle rooms were better equipped


By 2025, the number of video conferencing devices will be 6 times as high

Are you talking to your customers about Hybrid Working, and its benefits to business?
Because if you’re not, you can bet your competitors are….

Warren, Head of Yealink Business Unit, here at Nimans, reflects on what he’s learned…

“As you can imagine, here at Nimans we equipped both our employees and our offices to work remotely, together, or hybridly (is that even a word!). Hey, we sell this stuff, right? And as a manager I’ve noticed a few unexpected productivity gains that I’d never thought of. Firstly, I used to sign off large expense claims for my team to visit customers.  These days it’s 75% less. That’s a big saving. And not only that, because they’re not spending time sat in traffic jams, they can talk to more customers per day. I’ve seen the number of meetings increase, across the whole team, by over 50%. So, we’re doing more business, at a lower cost……”

Yealink Video Conferencing
Designed for immersive meetings

The Yealink video conferencing solutions include everything your customers need to connect and collaborate with internal and external users. 

The Yealink MVC series delivers premium audio and video quality thanks to its Yealink audio devices and UVC series of cameras. Featuring Yealink HD audio and Noise Proof technology, everyone’s voice in the room can be heard clearly.

The Yealink MeetingBar series all-in-one units make installation simple and still deliver the great AI experiences of more expensive systems. 

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(Source: Microsoft Work Trend Index Report)

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About Nimans TEAM Yealink

Yealink  is a global brand that specialises in meeting room systems, voice communications, and collaboration solutions with best-in-class quality, innovative technology and a user-friendly experience. As one of the best providers in more than 140 countries and regions, Yealink ranks No.1 in the global market share of SIP phone shipments.

Nimans, as Yealink’s UK distributor of choice in the UK, and is the only Platinum Award winning distributor that has a team of experts, who themselves have won awards from Yealink. They will will help you discover how Yealink’s range of products and solutions can help your customers become their most productive and powerful selves.

Advanced Warranties

Are your devices critical? Will missing a crucial meeting cost you or the business financially, if you have downtime?

Nimans Advanced Warranty replacement service will ensure that your essential meetings are not missed due to faults on your video kit with a next day component swap.

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