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video devices

Powerful. Reliable. Versatile. 

Meet, create and collaborate better.

Neat redefines video conferencing with powerful yet simple devices that seamlessly integrate into any meeting space. Their cutting-edge technology automatically adjusts to your needs, framing everyone perfectly and delivering crystal-clear audio and video. Installation and setup are effortless, so you can jump into productive meetings instantly.

Neat Board.

Creativity across the board.

Neat Board offers a comprehensive meeting room solution in a sleek, all-in-one device. Featuring a captivating 65” multi-touch screen, robust audio system, and a versatile wide-angle camera, the Neat Board delivers a collaborative experience that extends beyond video meetings and wireless content sharing. 

 Neat Board gives you the freedom and flexibility to collaborate however you want in the future. It's also easy to set up, having just one cable and a choice of either a floor stand with optional wheels, wall mount or table stand.

Elevate your interactions with the added capabilities of annotations and whiteboarding.

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Neat Board 50

Flow with the moment.

Crafted for the dynamic landscape of modern work, Neat Board 50 quickly adjusts to your requirements—whether it's for meetings or creative sessions—whenever, wherever, and however you need it. Infuse vitality into your video meetings, fostering natural conversations that seamlessly navigate even the most vibrant environments.

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Neat Bar.

Packs a punch.

Forget muffled voices and blurry pixels. Neat Bar delivers impeccable audio and video that brings remote teams closer than ever. Crystal-clear sound ensures every word is heard, while the sharp camera and intelligent framing technology keep everyone in focus. Your meetings will feel as natural and immersive as if you were all in the same room.

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Neat Bar Pro.

Go up a notch. 

Neat Bar Pro seamlessly integrates advanced technology into a sleek and sophisticated slimline device. With the ability to power three expansive screens, it enhances your visibility of both people and content, providing a clearer and more immersive meeting experience. Its unparalleled audio and video quality ensures a natural and engaging interaction in any space.

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Bring Simplicity to Your Meeting Rooms.

Midwich’s UC&C Specialist Louis Robinson unboxes Neat Bar Pro and Pad – a dynamic duo for immersive video conferencing experiences. Discover key features that bring simplicity and easy collaboration!

Neat Pad.

Touch base. Book a space.

Neat Pad presents a minimalist and sophisticated touch screen that you can customize as a controller or use as a scheduling display in any meeting room. Designed with a sleek form factor and an optimal screen angle for seamless interaction and viewing, Neat Pad is specifically tailored for meeting room environments. Its refined aesthetics allow it to seamlessly integrate into various settings, whether positioned on a table, wall, or any other location.

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Neat Center.

Don’t miss a thing.

A 360 degree companion device for enhancing everyone's sound and vision.

Neat Center lets remote meeting attendees follow the conversation more closely by clearly hearing and seeing everyone in the room, even when those in the room are far away from the main device or facing inward, discussing something among themselves. It’s simple to set up, gives you flexible placement options, and further improves the capabilities of your Neat devices for enhanced context and engagement.

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Ceiling mount

Table mount

Neat Frame.

A beautiful way to meet.

Neat Frame is a first of its kind portrait-oriented all-in-one video device for Zoom and Microsoft Teams that fits anywhere. 

Purposefully designed to cater for the multiple new work styles and spaces companies and employees are now adopting, it’s a super convenient touch screen device not only attractive for working from home or any office but also hot desking, focus rooms, retail environments or as a virtual receptionist and all manner of other new and exciting applications.

And now try Neat devices risk-free for up to 30 days.

We're confident a Neat device will help create magical meeting spaces for your customers, but if for some reason it doesn't quite suit their needs, then you can return it. You've got nothing to lose, so why not test one today. 

When you purchase Neat devices through Nimans, we can offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if for whatever reason you change your mind, simply send it back in its original packaging, and we'll reimburse you plus pay the shipping on receipt of the returned unit at our warehouse.

If you love it, keep it. If not:

  • Contact us before the end of your 30-day trial.
  • Keep your packaging so you can ship it back inside.
  • We'll arrange to pick up the package.
  • Please ensure your product is in like-new condition.

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