Contact Centre Headsets

Industry-leading voice pickup,
great comfort, and intuitive design.

Superior Customer Care

Industry-leading voice pickup, great comfort, and intuitive design for outstanding Customer Experience no matter the level of background noise. EPOS contact centre headsets are designed with the ultimate user experience in mind, providing exceptional comfort and crystal-clear sound quality to help agents stay focused and efficient throughout their workday. With a range of features such as noise-cancelling microphones, intuitive controls, and durable materials, they are built to withstand the demands of a busy contact centre environment.

Key Benefits & Features

Crafted for comfort - carefully crafted to provide an unprecedented level of comfort and agent well-being, with a lightweight but robust design to withstand daily use and soft earpads engineered for all-day wear.

Customer satisfaction - ensure customer satisfaction on every call with a headset that delivers rich, natural sound no matter the level of background noise. With exceptional microphone clarity, speech-enhancing and noise-filtering technology.

Seamless connectivity - connect seamlessly across all your devices – with fully compatible solutions that deliver hassle-free UC deployment and management. Analyze, manage, and update devices remotely with EPOS Manager.

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NEW IMPACT 700 Series

The ultimate headset for contact centres, the new EPOS IMPACT 700 Series offers industry-leading voice pick-up, unparalleled comfort, and intuitive design for an exceptional customer experience. Allow the agent to stay focused on the customer with passive noise dampening, incoming speech clarity, and ActiveGard™️ acoustic shock protection. Built on EPOS BrainAdapt™ technology.

  • Industry-leading voice pickup for natural-sounding calls 
  • Ergonomic inline controller for frictionless calls
  • Built for laser-sharp focus in busy work environments
  • Backed by exclusive 3-year extended warranty 

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IMPACT 5000 Series

Experience the impact of a wireless DECT communication hub that delivers rich, natural sound and total flexibility to busy, modern workplaces. Empower with headsets that boost productivity by creating focus.

Recommended for: Workers who need a truly all-in-one contact centre headset.

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IMPACT 700 Series

Ensure customer satisfaction on every call with a headset that delivers rich, natural sound no matter the level of background noise. Three digital microphones built on EPOS BrainAdapt™ provide industry-leading voice pickup.

Recommended for: Contact centre agents on calls from their desk to deliver stellar customer experiences.

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IMPACT 600 Series

The EPOS IMPACT 600 Series are wired
premium headsets specifically designed for quality conscious contact centre and office professionals
requiring outstanding sound performance.

Recommended for: Noisy contact centres where employees work at their desks.

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IMPACT 200 Series

The EPOS IMPACT 200 Series, a popular range of robust,
wired headsets, has proven to be a lasting favourite with contact centres, offices and Unified Communication professionals around the world – and for good reason.

Recommended for: Workers who wear their headset throughout most of the day.

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IMPACT 100 Series

The EPOS IMPACT 100 Series headsets are specially designed as a deployment-friendly solution for
enterprises transitioning from traditional telephony systems to Unified Communications.

Recommended for: Workers who need a simple and comfortable plug-and-play headset.

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The streamlined design of the EPOS IMPACT D wireless DECT headsets makes no compromises when it comes to premium sound. Ideal for hotdesking when agents need plug-and-play functionality at every workstation.

Recommended for: Workers who need to stay truly flexible and move freely around the office.

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