Router provisioning service

The Nimans router provisioning service is designed to help support partners by simplifying the set-up delivery of DrayTek routers. This service allows you to ship routers to your customers fully configured and ready to go.

How it works - 3 simple steps

  1. You send us the config. file from a router you have configured with the desired settings.
  2. We install the file on any number of DrayTek routers prior to shipping.
  3. We ship the pre-configured routers.

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Key Benefits:

Save time and money

No need to commit your own resources to configure batches of routers.

Reduced config errors

No chance of inputting errors from manually configured devices.

Devices when you need them

Routers are shipped for next day  delivery*. Config files are stored, allowing us to ship additional pre-configured units when needed.

*volume restrictions apply for next day delivery

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