The AudioCodes Room Experience (RX) Suite of products and solutions is designed to deliver a superior meeting room experience, featuring excellent voice quality and image clarity, ease of use, and seamless integration with IT management tools. 

RXV100 Bundles

AudioCodes’ RXV100 bundles act as Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows devices to bring meetings to life and deliver the optimal collaboration experience for everyone. Exceptional 1080p ultra HD video captures the entire meeting room in stunning clarity and in any situation, from direct sunlight to low light levels. Auto framing smoothly adjusts the camera view according to active users and room scenery, so that every participant can be seen clearly. High quality microphones and speakers powered by Dolby’s innovative technology result in crystal-clear sound, while very wide pickup range ensures that no business ever gets overlooked.


  • Exceptional 1080p ultra HD video
  • Excellent audio quality  
  • Full integration with Microsoft Teams for business meetings
  • Complete lifecycle management


For large rooms. Up to 15 participants

  • Clear and sharp images in all lighting conditions
  • Human sensor for activating the RXV100 opon proximity
  • Excellent sound quality leveraging Dolby technology
  • Teams support through the MTR on Windows solution


For medium rooms. Up to 8 participants

  • Superb video quality - Ultra HD, 1080p, auto framing
  • Optional centralised management w/ AudioCodes' OVOC
  • Compatible with AudioCodes' Meeting Insights
  • Excellent sound quality leveraging Dolby technology

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RXV81 & RX-Pad Collaboration Bundle

The AudioCodes RXV81 is a standalone Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android™ video bar that takes plug-and-play simplicity to another level, resulting in a familiar and exceptionally productive Microsoft Teams meeting experience. When bundled with the RX-Pad as the room's sleek touch controller, the user can easily set up and control meetings in any type of room via a central controller. Set up is simple manner and resulting meeting experience is the optimized possible. 

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RXV200 Bundles

Modern meeting solutions must be adaptable enough to accommodate any room size or shape, while minimizing the number of table-mounted accessories and devices and ensuring a high-quality experience for all participants wherever they are located. With this in mind, AudioCodes has created a range of Microsoft Teams Rooms bundles based on the RXV200 Android compute unit and RX-PAD controller. The RXV200 Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android compute unit can connect multiple audio and video peripherals, as well as dual screens, and offers support for a wide range of AI capabilities. The RX-PAD Meeting Room Controller allows users to seamlessly orchestrate productive meeting experiences.

RXV200 Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android


  • Intelligent Android A/V hub with advanced AI capabilities
  • Dual screen support
  • Fully controllable by the RX-PAD touch controller
  • A modular design to connect current and future peripherals
  • Superb video quality provided by the RXVCam50M camera
  • Hear and be heard with crystal clear sound unsong the RX40 sound bar or RX15 speakerphone


Bundle for small and medium rooms, ideal for 4-10 people

Bundle includes:

  • Video: RXVCam50M
  • Audio: RX15
  • Controller: RX-PAD
  • Compute unit: RXV200

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Bundle for medium and large rooms, ideal for 10-16 people

Bundle includes:

  • Video: RXVCam50M
  • Audio: RX40
  • Controller: RX-PAD
  • Compute unit: RXV200

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