EPOS IMPACT 1000 Series

For the New Open Office

Made for the New Open Office

EPOS IMPACT 1000 is designed for the New Open Office environment. Built on EPOS BrainAdapt technology to reduce brain fatigue with adaptive ANC and industry-leading voice pickup powered by EPOS AI. Offer your customers all-day wearing comfort with lightweight design, soft cushions, headband padding, and Super Wideband for natural sound. They’ll enjoy total ease of use with a contactless charging stand, intuitive on-headset controls, and a suite of smart features.

Triple wireless connectivity lets them stay connected to three devices at the same time as they roam freely around the office. TalkThrough allows them to communicate with colleagues without removing the headset while the 360 busylight signals when they’re on call. 

Key Benefits & Features

  • Industry-leading voice pickup for focused conversations - adaptive microphone technology powered by EPOS AI™ makes sure the message gets through.
  • Protects the brain in the open office - hybrid adaptive ANC effectively shuts down noise and helps the brain focus, even in busy open office environments.
  • Stay comfortable throughout the day - lightweight design, soft breathable cushions and headband padding allow for all-day wearing comfort.
  • Experience true convenience - universal contactless charging stand and smart features make using the headset truly intuitive and hassle free.
  • A new market standard for open office headsets - a superior open office headset with super wideband and stereo sound. Meets Microsoft Teams Open Office requirements. 

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New Open Office

The New Open Office is whether your customers are in a corporate open office with people next to them in hybrid meetings and colleagues chatting across the room, or in an open office space at home with the washing machine buzzing and the dog barking, surrounded by a lot of noise and sound clutter. With so many distractions employees find it difficult to concentrate and get work done. This makes people more fatigued and less productive, both on the A and B side of the call.

A New Market Standard for
Open Office Headsets

The EPOS IMPACT 1000 uses industry-leading microphone technology powered by EPOS AI™. It relies on a noise-cancelling algorithm that intelligently identifies the noise around you. The microphone uses beamforming technology to scan the surrounding environment 32,000 times per second, which allows it to effectively identify and shut down sources of noise. Microsoft Teams Certified that meets the Microsoft Teams Open Office specifications.

EPOS BrainAdaptTM A Dual Task Study

In a clinical study conducted at the Centre for Applied Audiology Research in Oticon, Denmark, participants tested the benefits of EPOS noise attenuation technology by performing a dual task consisting of understanding speech and solving a visual task.

Based on this study, researchers were able to conclude that EPOS noise attenuation, such as the hybrid adaptive ANC in IMPACT 1000, provides several benefits to users when they need to perform both an audio and a visual task, including better recognition of speech, reduced listening effort and increased efficiency.

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Choose between different specifications



Charging Stand

ANC (Active Noise Cancellation)

EPOS IMPACT 1061T ANC 60 Second Tech Talk

Nimans Marketing Director, Steve McIntyre, takes a look at the IMPACT 1061T ANC in our most extreme 60 Second Tech Talk yet. The premium model in the series, the IMPACT 1061T ANC features super wideband and stereo sound, hybrid adaptive ANC and Microsoft Teams certification.


  • Hybrid adaptive active noise cancellation (ANC) 
  • Included wireless charging stand (CH 40)
  • Suite of smart features for maximum convenience
  • Optimized for UC. Certified for Microsoft Teams

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Unleash potential with the new EPOS IMPACT headsets. The latest state-of-the-art open office headsets designed for office and contact centre professionals. Compare products and choose the model that’s right for your customers.

EPOS IMPACT 700 Series

Make every call count
Ensure customer satisfaction on every call with a headset that delivers rich, natural sound no matter the level of background noise.

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EPOS IMPACT 800 Series

Be the best in the New Open Office
The next generation headset for desk workers in the New Open Office. Increase efficiency by 40%* by improving reaction time whilst multi-tasking.

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EPOS IMPACT 1000 Series

Made for the New Open Office
Built on EPOS BrainAdapt technology to reduce brain fatigue with adaptive ANC and industry-leading voice pickup powered by EPOS AI.

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Works with the platforms your customers use

EPOS works with leading UC and software partners to ensure that their devices are fully compatible with the platforms and software solutions your customers use.
The EPOS IMPACT 1000 Series is certified for Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Zoom.

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