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Let's turn the Unmeetables into Unbeatables

If your customers aren't using the right tech in their Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or Zoom meetings, then they're probably an unwitting ‘Unmeetable’ a.k.a an accidental meeting disrupter whose background noise is causing chaos in online meetings.

But don’t worry! At Nimans we’ve got the ideal Jabra Bluetooth headsets with mics and wireless noise-cancelling earbuds to turn them from Unmeetable to Unbeatable.

Dog Mad Dougie

Dougie loves his dogs. But the little furballs can sometimes walk all over Dougie’s meetings. How many more happy barks, yaps, and squeaks will the laptop mic pick up before his team decides to walk away?

Product needed: Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex

Space Invaded Suzie

Suzi looks like the consummate pro. But she doesn’t always sound like one. The chaotic fun of family playtime can play a big part in her conversations. What happens when her customers throw their toys out of the pram?

Product needed: Jabra Engage 55

Noisy Neighbored Nick

Nick's problem? He sits next to Larry, who's really LOUD. And because Nick uses his laptop audio for online meetings, Larry’s voice is taking over the call. How can Nick ensure he's the star of the show?

Product needed: Jabra Evolve2 50

Turbo Typing Toni

Toni’s to-do list is looooooooooong, so she fires out emails during calls. Will her thunderous tapping give her not-so-subtle multitasking game away and cause her colleagues to tap out?

Product needed: Jabra Speak2 75

What's the matter with meetings?

Every week we spend 5 BILLION hours in online meetings. So, imagine how much time (and money) we could all save if things weren’t delayed by someone failing to connect their earbuds or the constant chatter of a nearby colleague.


Of people using laptop audio for online meetings end up having to repeat themselves.


Of people who use non-professional audio for online meetings report complaints about their background noise.

Only 40%

Laptop audio users describe their meeting experience as ‘top quality’.

Source: Work Trend Annual Report, Microsoft, 2023 and Jabra 2023 Certification

From Unmeetable to
Unbeatable with Jabra

Jabra is the world's leading professional audio brand and #1 professional speakerphone brand.* That’s why over 80% of Global Fortune 500 companies rely on them for outstanding professional sound.*

Offer your customers the professional choice!

Let our dedicated Voice Team guide you through Jabra's range of professional audio devices, and give them the professional makeover they deserve.


Featured Products

Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex

The most portable professional headset
with best-in-class ANC performance.

Great for hybrid working
Up to 21 hours of battery talk time
Enhanced durability
Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation
Unique fold-and-go design

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Jabra Engage 55

Portable. Productive. Professional.
Engineered to make every call count.

Incredible wireless range
USB adapter (no base)
Durable, portable
Passive Noise Cancellation
Goes beyond the highest
DECT Security Level C

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Jabra Evolve2 50

The professional headset that's
wired up and ready to go

Great for hybrid working
Corded headset
Enhanced durability
Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)
Jabra Air Comfort technology
for revolutionary comfort

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Jabra Speak2 75

The best professional speakerphone
for hybrid working.

A more powerful audio experience
Conversations that flow naturally
Perfectly picks up voices
Voices are equalized, so there’s no need to shout

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Why upgrade to professional audio with Jabra

If your customers want to work flexibly without noisy backgrounds affecting their performance then pro is the only way to go. Jabra is the world’s #1 professional audio brand, trusted by 80% of Fortune 500 companies. They’ve packed 150 years of expertise and innovation into their devices to transform the collaboration experience. With Jabra, your customers benefit from:

Unmatched audio quality – thanks to premium noise-cancelling technology and voice-enhancing microphones.

Greater flexibility - with easy setup, and seamless Bluetooth or wireless USB connection.

Peace of mind – fully certified for all leading meeting platforms and available with an extended warranty for even more peace of mind.

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