Over 44M Jabra users 
+ 3 upgraded ranges
= Massive sales opportunity!

It's time to Change it Up

Work’s changed, so Jabra has too. They’ve upgraded their multi-award-winning, world-leading Speak, Evolve, Pro, and Biz products that 44 million professionals already know and love (that’s over 7x the population of Denmark), to create a hybrid-ready next-generation of their world-class professional audio devices. That’s 44 million sales opportunities just waiting for you to Change things Up.

Discover the 7 reasons to upgrade customers to the next generation of world-class professional audio devices.

Reason #1: Upgraded call performance

Unmatched call performance comes as standard with Jabra. And with their upgraded Evolve2, Speak2, and Engage series, you can offer Jabra-loving customers a dramatically more natural call experience in any work location.

Evolve2 is even better at banishing poor audio quality for meetings anywhere, thanks to performance-enhanced noise-cancelling microphones powered by the very latest Jabra algorithms.

Speak2 has upgraded sound and microphone technology, with exclusive new features to ensure users can hear and be heard equally at all times, all around the room.

Engage also has world-class microphones for clearer speech quality and incredible background noise cancellation, plus advanced voice and call transcription technologies that improve accuracy and prevent call fatigue.

Reason #2: Upgraded focus

Jabra has powered up their products with concentration-boosting superpowers. Evolve2 has next-generation Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation to create a quiet place in any space, while their best-in-class Speak2 speakerphones help them concentrate on calls and listen to music in superior quality. And with noise-isolating earcups and built-in professional-grade hearing protection capabilities, Engage makes it easy to get the job done effectively amidst any distractions.

The result? They get upgraded focus and unheard-of productivity, and you get happy customers that’ll come back for more. Everyone’s a winner.

Reason #3: Upgraded comfort

Professionals are spending a serious amount of time in meetings, keeping their headsets on for longer. So give them a serious comfort upgrade, with the totally reinvented fit and feel of Evolve2 and Engage. Evolve2 delivers game-changing Jabra Air Comfort technology in unique, pressure-relieving designs that feature flexible rotating earcups with a unique comfort-enhancing pattern, and their ultra-lightweight Engage headsets also have innovative pressure-relieving patterned earcups with a secure outer-ear fit.

Reason #4: Upgraded choices

With over 50 industry and media awards for Evolve products only, Jabra are already the professional’s choice. And now you can give them more choice than ever before. With on-ear, over-ear, corded and wireless headsets, corded and wireless speakerphones, and earbuds for professionals, Jabra offer the widest range on the market - with SEVEN times the opportunities to expand your sales to new categories.

Upgrade them to the latest tech and get them to try new wearing styles.

Reason #5: Upgraded compatibility

Introduce your customers to their perfect match and an unparalleled return on investment with Jabra's simple-to-use, plug-and-play Evolve2, Speak2, and Engage ranges. All their products are certified for leading communications platforms and come in Unified Communications (UC) or Microsoft Teams variants for hassle-free calls. Speak2 makes pairing even easier than before with Google Fast Pair and Microsoft Swift Pair options. Their new Engage headsets also offer deeper integrations with key contact centre solutions - extending the value of your customer’s solutions with live call quality monitoring, proactive troubleshooting, and an overall enhanced call experience.

With unrivalled compatibility like this, match-making the perfect solution for every customer is easy.

Reason #6: Upgraded customer satisfaction

You know what they say: “happy customer, happy life” (probably). With products this great, new levels of customer satisfaction and increased sales are guaranteed. They can enjoy next-level support with Jabra software services, push new device firmware updates across locations with Jabra Direct and Jabra Xpress, and troubleshoot user devices remotely. And with the new Engage headsets they can even monitor agent performance with live call insights using the ground-breaking Engage+ software.

All you need to do is upgrade them and let the good times roll.

Reason #7: Together, we make work more fun

At Jabra, they're all about helping everyone live their best work-life, and well, life-life. So they want to make you and your customers happier and more successful than ever. Together with Nimans, the largest Jabra distributor in EMEA, we've got the people and the tech to help make that happen. Let’s make work fun.

Say yes to success and Change it Up, by upgrading your customers to the next-generation of world-class professional audio devices. Speak to your Nimans account manager or contact one of our dedicated Voice Team on 0161 925 1980

Upgrade to Evolve2

The original Evolve headsets are loved by 30 million+ professionals. And they’ll love Evolve2 even more. With upgraded noise-cancellation, enhanced microphones, and new Jabra Air Comfort technology.

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Upgrade to Engage

Millions of contact centres use Jabra Pro and Biz headsets, presenting huge upgrade potential as the industry goes digital. So level up their experience with Jabra AI-enabled Engage headsets.

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Upgrade to Speak2

9 million Speak sales later Jabra have revolutionized the way people collaborate. And they’re about to do it again. Upgrade your customers with the hybrid-ready-for-anything Speak2 speakerphones.

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