AudioCodes Rings True for Resellers Seeking Video Conferencing Expansion

11 June 2024

Resellers looking to broaden their video conferencing offerings should take a close look at AudioCodes' comprehensive suite of products. Here's why:

Tailored Solutions for Every Meeting Space:

AudioCodes caters to diverse meeting room needs. From focus booths and huddle rooms to large conference halls, their solutions offer scalability. Resellers can equip clients with the perfect fit, maximising customer satisfaction and minimizing wasted resources.

Seamless Microsoft Teams Integration:

In today's workplace, Microsoft Teams reigns supreme. AudioCodes' products integrate seamlessly with Teams, eliminating compatibility headaches for both resellers and end users. This simplifies deployment and ongoing support, enhancing customer experience.

AI-Powered Insights for Added Value:

AudioCodes goes beyond basic video conferencing. Their AI technology captures and analyses meeting content, providing valuable insights. Resellers can position this as a differentiator, offering a solution that fosters collaboration and improves meeting effectiveness.

Complete Package for Streamlined Sales:

AudioCodes offers a one-stop shop for video conferencing needs. From video bars and compute units to speakers and AI analytics, resellers have everything they need in one place. This simplifies the sales process and reduces logistical complexities.

Strong Market Position and Proven Technology:

AudioCodes is a leader in advanced communications software and AI. Resellers can benefit from their established reputation and proven technology, offering clients a solution they can trust.

By incorporating AudioCodes' video conferencing products into their portfolio, resellers can tap into a growing market and deliver exceptional value to their customers. With its diverse solutions, seamless integration, and AI-powered features, AudioCodes offers a compelling proposition for resellers seeking to expand their video conferencing footprint.

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