High Speed Connectivity From DrayTek

25 April 2022

High Speed Connectivity for Equitable Meeting Experiences

Meetings are rapidly becoming a hybrid of online and offline, with one or more attendees attending from afar. This puts a strain on the meeting room’s equipment and the network’s reliability. The devices needed to record high-quality audio and video are required, and the network must be fast and stable enough to support a video conference call without lagging or other interruptions. 

Online presentation technologies, such as Powerpoint, can deliver a rich multimedia experience across MS Teams or Zoom, but, they are wholly reliant on a stable internet connection. Due to loading time, bumpy transitions between slides might detract from the overall presentation experience. 

DrayTek’s range of high-speed AX, WiFi 6 routers and access points ensure that network quality is maintained even when the most demanding loads are put on the network.

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