21 March 2024

Introducing the new EPOS IMPACT 800 Series, a range of on-the-ear USB headsets with ANC and industry-leading microphone technology powered by EPOS AI™. The next generation headset for desk workers in the New Open Office.

Advanced Features

  • Industry-leading microphone technology powered by EPOS AI™
  • Hybrid adaptive Active Noice Cancellation (ANC)
  • Super wideband audio
  • Microsoft Teams Certification and meets the Microsoft Teams Open Office specifications

Smart Features

  • USB-C to adapter included
  • All-day wearing comfort
  • TalkThrough
  • 360-degree busylight
  • EPOS hearing protection


  • Microsoft Teams, including the premium requirements for Open Office
  • Google Meet, Google Chromebook

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What type of environment are IMPACT 800 headsets best suited for?

The EPOS IMPACT 800 is designed for New Open Office environments. This includes open offices or home working spaces with external distractions and ambient noise. The New Open Office is whether you are in a corporate open office with people next to you in hybrid meetings and colleagues chatting across the room, or in your open office space at home with the washing machine buzzing and your dog barking, surrounded by a lot of noise and sound clutter. With so many distractions employees find it difficult to concentrate and get work done. In turn, this makes people more fatigued and less productive.

What does “adaptive” ANC mean?

This means that the built-in ANC will adapt to the surrounding noise level and only use as much ANC as needed at any given time. This reduces the feeling of occlusion in situations where a high level of ANC is not required.

What does “hybrid” ANC mean?

Standard ANC headsets typically have one of the following systems:

  • 1. Feed-forward ANC, where a microphone is placed outside of the earphone.
  • 2. Feed-back ANC, where a microphone is placed inside the earphone. Each of the above has its advantages and disadvantages.

The hybrid ANC system is a combination of the two, meaning it is capable of utilizing the advantages of both technologies.