JPL’s new audio and video conferencing devices now available from Nimans

29 July 2022

In response to the market demand, JPL have launched a range of high spec but competitively priced audio and video conferencing solutions ideal for small to medium sized meeting rooms. 

JPL have worked hard to strike a balance between premium quality vs the price point. It is also clear that JPL have built their offering around the channel. JPL offer an attractive price to the end user, whilst maintaining healthy margins for resellers. Coupled with the support from Nimans it all adds up to a very attractive proposition.

The new range, available now from Nimans, consists of three products, including an audio-conferencing speakerphone, and two new video conferencing devices. JPL have adopted a ‘software last’ approach, meaning users do not need to download software to be able to set up and use the device, they are simply plug-and-play for greater ease of deployment, security, and compatibility.

The JPL Convey USB Speakerphone, a compact, portable solution, ideal for personal use or any small office or meeting room with up to four people. The high-quality speaker is loud enough for everyone around the table to hear.

The high-end Propeller 200 Agora is a 4K ultra-HD all-in-one video sound bar with an AI powered intelligent zoom, four stereo duplexed microphones and two all-range speakers. Ideal for small to medium sized meeting rooms.

 Lastly, the Propeller 100 Spitfire, a mini conference room video sound bar, with advanced features such as intelligent zoom and outstanding microphone pick up. Ideal for live video broadcasts, video conferences, home video recording, and network teaching.

“Hybrid meetings are increasingly important and integral to our agendas in the modern world. With meeting equity, a key priority, businesses need to spend additional time and effort preparing their meeting spaces for video conferencing. Our meeting room solutions have been developed to offer an outstanding user experience, promote fair participation and provide all participants, irrespective of their physical location, a quality experience.” James Clarke, CEO, JPL Telecom. 

Steve McIntyre, Nimans Marketing Director commented, “I’m very impressed with the quality of the new JPL line-up and I’m sure the demand for these will be high, especially at the incredible price point. The video products stand up against many of the existing and more expensive products on the market.”

View the latest JPL audio and video conferencing devices