7 reasons why your customers should choose the JPL Agora 2

06 December 2023

7 Reasons to Buy the JPL Agora 2 4K Ultra HD All-In-One Video Sound Bar with Intelligent Zoom

The JPL Agora 2 4K Ultra HD All-In-One Video Sound Bar with Intelligent Zoom is a powerful and versatile conference room solution that offers a host of features to enhance your meetings. Here are seven reasons why you should buy the JPL Agora 2:

1. Stunning 4K Resolution and 116° Field of View

The JPL Agora 2 features a stunning 4K resolution camera that delivers crystal-clear video, even in large conference rooms. The 116° field of view ensures that everyone in the room is visible, and the intelligent zoom feature automatically focuses on the person speaking, keeping everyone in focus.

2. Intelligent 3x Digital Auto Zoom

The JPL Agora 2's built-in AI automatically focuses the camera on the person speaking, ensuring that everyone is in focus during meetings. This feature is particularly useful in large conference rooms where it can be difficult to keep track of who is talking.

3. Crystal-Clear Audio

The JPL Agora 2 is equipped with four stereo duplexed microphones that capture every word spoken, even in noisy environments. The two high-power speakers provide rich, clear sound for your presentations.

4. Easy to Connect with USB-C or HDMI

The JPL Agora 2 can be connected to your computer or mobile device via USB-C or HDMI, making it easy to set up and use. There is also a USB-A port to connect a phone, tablet, keyboard, or mouse.

5. Includes a Bluetooth Remote Control and Magnetic Privacy Lens Cover

The JPL Agora 2 comes with a Bluetooth remote control for easy operation, and a magnetic privacy lens cover to protect your privacy when you are not using the device.

6. Compatible with All Computers and Softphones

The JPL Agora 2 is compatible with all computers (Mac and PC) and softphones, so you can use it with any video conferencing software.

7. Long Warranty

The JPL Agora 2 comes with a 3-year limited warranty, so you can be confident that it will be reliable for years to come.

With its stunning video and audio quality, intelligent zoom feature, easy connectivity, and long warranty, the JPL Agora 2 is the perfect conference room solution for businesses of all sizes.