JPL Propeller 200 Agora BYOD

13 June 2024

Looking for a cost-effective solution to enhance your customers' small to medium-sized meeting rooms? The JPL Propeller 200 Agora is an impressive conference room video sound bar with AI-powered Intelligent Zoom, four stereo duplex microphones, and two all-range speakers. Now boasting a host of enhanced features!

  • BYOD ready for seamless video conferencing and screen sharing
  • Hot-swappable USB-A and USB-C connectivity
  • High-quality 4K Sony lens with AI tracking and gesture control
  • 4x full duplex audio for an immersive meeting experience
  • Industry-leading 3-year warranty included

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Did you know that the Propeller 200 Agora BYOD is "Hot Swappable"?

This feature allows any laptop or computer to connect straight to the Propeller 200 Agora Video without the need to turn off either device to create a "handshake" connection. It’s a five to ten-second electronic handshake, and you’re straight into the meeting or screen sharing, making the Propeller 200 Agora a true "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) solution. 

What are the benefits of BYOD?

BYOD allows you to use your own laptop or tablet to control the video conference meeting. Users are familiar with their own devices, know where their meeting notes are, and can easily access and share assets during meetings. BYOD also enhances security, as there’s no need to download documents onto a shared computer. 

JPL Education Case Study

The Challenge: Reduce the amount of downtime during the changeover of speakers or lecturers in an educational environment, aiming to bring it down to three minutes or less.

The Solution: JPL addressed this issue by creating a "Hot Swappable" video conferencing camera that establishes an electronic handshake with a laptop in about three seconds. This feature is equally beneficial in business environments, allowing seamless transitions from one person’s laptop to another without the need to power down and restart. This innovation revolutionises conference calls where screen sharing, and screen mirroring are essential.