JPL's "Software Last" Approach

29 June 2022

Research has shown that users start and end calls with their mouse; with conversations taking place on their preferred softphone. With a such large range of softphones available – including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Ring Central and many more - the need for a dedicated button to control a specific softphone is therefore minimal.

JPL has designed all their USB corded headsets without the use of the call control functions. Not having these buttons allows them to remove the need for downloads on installation, and reduces the need for updates in the future. This saves time and resources for the user or technical teams managing a headset roll-out of any size.

The call control buttons on all JPL USB headsets include volume and mute controls, whilst an LED indicator shows when the headset is muted. The automatic plug-and-play system in a computer ensures set-up is both quick and easy. In fact, as soon as the headset is plugged in and the computer has recognised the device, it’s good to go. With no need for a third-party software download on installation.

This simple but effective design feature makes their headsets perfect for large roll-outs and hybrid working. JPL are proud to have supported the public sector and NHS with thousands of headsets; 85% over the last year being USB.

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