UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT BRIDGE: Bridging the Best of Both Worlds

20 September 2023

UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT BRIDGE is a cloud-based unified communications solution that extends the capabilities of existing NEC phone systems. It provides a seamless all-in-one communications experience that allows employees to collaborate and communicate from anywhere, on any device.

One of the key benefits of UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT BRIDGE is that it bridges the gap between on-premises and cloud-based communications. This means that businesses can take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing, such as scalability, flexibility, and cost savings, without having to abandon their existing phone systems.

Another key benefit of UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT BRIDGE is that it provides a single, unified platform for all communications needs. This includes voice, video conferencing, chat, and file sharing. Employees can easily switch between different communication modes without having to switch between different apps.

UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT BRIDGE is also very easy to use and manage. It is offered as a subscription service, so businesses can simply sign up and start using it immediately. There is no need to invest in new hardware or software.

Overall, UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT BRIDGE is a powerful and versatile unified communications solution that can help businesses of all sizes to improve their communication and collaboration.

Here are some specific examples of how UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT BRIDGE can benefit businesses:

  • Increased productivity: Employees can spend less time switching between apps and more time getting work done when they have access to all of their communications tools from a single platform.
  • Improved collaboration: UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT BRIDGE makes it easy for employees to collaborate with each other, regardless of where they are located. Employees can participate in video conferences, chat with each other, and share files with each other all from within the same platform.
  • Reduced costs: UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT BRIDGE is a subscription-based service, so businesses can avoid the upfront costs of purchasing new hardware and software. Additionally, UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT BRIDGE can help businesses to reduce their telecommunications costs by eliminating the need for traditional landline phones.
  • Enhanced flexibility: UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT BRIDGE gives businesses the flexibility to scale their communications systems up or down as needed. This is especially beneficial for businesses that are experiencing rapid growth or that have seasonal fluctuations in their workforce.

If you are looking for a unified communications solution that can help you to improve your business communication and collaboration, then UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT BRIDGE is a great option to consider.