Nimans Select: Networking & Infrastructure

27 June 2024

Networking and infrastructure products are essential for businesses of all sizes

Networking products are essential for businesses of all sizes. They allow businesses to connect their employees, customers, and partners to each other and to the internet. This connectivity is essential for businesses to operate efficiently and effectively.

Networking products can also help businesses to improve their security, productivity, and efficiency. For example, firewalls can help to protect businesses from cyberattacks, while switches can help to improve the performance of networks. Additionally, data cabinets can help to protect critical network equipment from damage.

Some of the most important networking and infrastructure products include:

Network Security

NetAlly CyberScope enables you to discover, validate and assess cyber security at the network edge in a single, powerful, portable tool. CyberScope is a network security solution that eliminates the use of fragile laptops and tablets. With multiple functions, it provides fast, actionable insights on-prem into edge networks, filling the critical visibility gaps that other cyber security tools frequently do not address.


Routers are vital for connecting networks. They are essential for businesses that need to provide internet access to their employees and customers. Business-class WiFi routers often support additional access points to boost wireless connectivity throughout a location. The best WiFi routers support dual band connectivity over 2.4 and 5GHz bands. They are compatible with 802.11ac standard, and Wi-Fi 6 technology.

Session border controllers

SBCs deliver seamless connectivity, enhanced security and voice quality assurance for any voice communications environment and at any scale.  They typically connect between UC, contact center and SIP trunk services, supporting an enterprise’s co-existence or migration strategies and protecting it from fraud and malicious attacks.


The benefits of PoE switches have become more evident with the rapid expansion of network-connected devices. They offer more effective solutions for connecting numerous PoE-compatible devices like VoIP, IP cameras, and access points—meeting the demands of most common business scenarios.

Data cabinets

Data cabinets play an important role in networking security. They house critical network equipment, such as servers, routers, and switches. Data cabinets should be physically protected from unauthorised access and tampering. This can be done by locking data cabinets and placing them in secure locations.

Nimans' picks

We've hand-picked a selection of networking and infrastructure products that we believe are the most suitable and important for businesses. These products offer vital security for business as well as increased and reliable productivity and efficiency.