NEW On-device Background Effects for PanaCast 20

26 July 2022

Boost security, shutdown snooping with PanaCast 20

Hybrid work has heightened the risk of cyber-attack by 600%, at an average cost of $137,000 (c. 113,500 UK £) per breach. Jabra PanaCast 20, a compact, personal video camera, offers a unique solution to ensure employee video communication and collaboration is secure.

NEW On-device Background Effects
Jabra PanaCast 20 now features On-device Background Effects, an intelligent experience that allows the user to optionally apply a real-time blur effect or replace their video background – directly on the device – for added privacy and security in the office, on location, or at home.

Traditionally, utilising such effects during video calls would involve the user applying a virtual background within their preferred video client to obscure their environment from meeting participants on the far end. But, while this allows the user to feel a sense of security in front of their peers, the reality is that the entirety of the video image is still being seen by the user’s computer, their video client, and the cloud – and fully exposed as it passes through every secured and unsecured network along the way.

With PanaCast 20, the pixels that comprise a user’s background are protected by having the background effects applied on the camera itself.

Integrated privacy cover for total control
Jabra PanaCast 20 video conferencing device also has an integrated privacy cover to ensure hackers can’t spy through the camera when it’s not being used. Users simply slide the intuitive cover across the camera lens to hide what they don’t want seen, then slide back when they’re ready for a call.

For more information download the Jabra Whitepaper, or explore Jabra PanaCast Series