Solutions designed for immersive meetings

A meeting room system for every setting

A10, A20 & A30 MeetingBars:

  • All-in-one design for easy installation
  • Smart video conferencing with AI technology
  • See everyone in the room clearly
  • Precise sound localisation, full-duplex experience

MeetingBar A10

Small size. Powerful features.

Ideal for the home office or huddle space

The Yealink A10 MeetingBar has all the powerful AI-enhanced and noise reduction features of it's larger brothers, the A20 & A30. But it's packed into a smaller size, perfect for a small huddle meeting space, or even your home office.

Top video features

With a 4k camera and a 105° field-of-view the Yealink A10 MeetingBar easily captures everything in a small room, whilst the AI auto-framing and speaker tracking ensures everyone can be seen equally.

Immersive audio in every corner

The built-in 8 MEMS microphone array and speaker ensure a full duplex meeting experience wherever you are in the room.

In addition, the A10's AI-enhanced noise cancellation features help reduce distractions by eliminating keyboard clatter, footsteps, mouse clicks, and other ambient noise. 

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Yealink A20 & A30 MeetingBars
New Features. Amazing Prices. 

The industry-leading A20 & A30 MeetingBars have been upgraded with new features and now use Android 10.

The Yealink A20 & A30 MeetingBars are all-in-one video collaboration bars for small, medium and huddle rooms. The A20 features a 20MP camera and 133° superwide-angle lens, delivering outstanding video quality. The A30 has two cameras for a panoramic room view as well as being able to focus and follow speakers with a super-clear optical zoom.

Watch the video for a full overview plus real examples of the great new features in the upgraded products, including:

  • Impressive AI noise cancellation of in-room distractions
  • An acoustic shield, removing external room sounds
  • Automatic smart speaker tracking
  • Choice of image framing - room, speaker, last speaker, all participants or combinations
  • Detection of conversations between speakers and focus on those participants
  • Simple wired or wireless connection of laptops / devices, even those of visitors
  • Standalone use, or totally integrated into a company's chosen video platform

Yealink MeetingBar A10

For home office, small or huddle meeting rooms

  • 4K Camera
  • 120° field of view
  • AI Auto Framing & Speaker Tracking
  • 8 MEMS microphone array

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Code: 77377

Yealink MeetingBar A20

For small to medium meeting rooms

  • 20MP Camera
  • 133° field of view
  • Auto Framing
  • Speaker Tracking

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Code: 68512

Yealink MeetingBar A30

For medium-sized meeting rooms

  • Twin for panoramic room view as well as focus on the speaker 
  • Super-wide field of view
  • AI Auto Framing & Speaker Tracking
  • 8 MEMS microphone array

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Code: 69794

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