New Gen 3 MVC Range

Embrace a new era of 
intelligent Teams Rooms

Take Your Teams Rooms To A Higher Level

When You Need The Best
Bespoke, state of the art, meeting room systems

Driven by cutting-edge AI technology 
The new generation of MVC series aims to elevate collaboration to a whole new level
Providing a seamless face-to-face communication experience

State Of The Art Features

Multi-Stream People Feed - No one is hidden from view

  • Multiple cameras deliver top quality video.
  • The latest AI, systems deliver multiple streams, the best for each person.
  • Multi-camera streams or 360° panoramic-view cameras which can deliver 10K images for stunning clarity.
  • Ensure everyone appears like they're front and centre.

Voice and Face Recognition

  • Connect peers by associating names with faces and speeches.
  • Enjoy automatic speech-to-text transcription with speakers identified by their names
  • Subject, as always, to GDPR / opt-in / privacy policies

Multi-Camera Intelliframe

  • Focus on the latest 4 active speakers to ensure natural conversations
  • Fast and precise tracking for a seamless meeting flow

Copilot Integration

  • Keep up on action items with AI-generated tasks (coming soon)
  • Get a summary of every meeting, including action items
  • Review content that’s most relevant to you
  • Translate meeting captions

Ultra-wide screens

  • Support for the latest 21:9 screens
  • 3 HDMI outputs to drive multi-screen setups
  • Be ready for Microsoft Front Row

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Kits For All Room Sizes

Or Bespoke...

Below are some of the example Yealink MVC kits available. There are others in the brochure below too. 

But we also have an experienced team of experts that can help you assemble bespoke setups for any situation.

Give us a call on 0161 925 1980, or drop our specialist team an email on to discuss your needs. 

For PRO-AV Rooms (>18 people)

Flexible and Intelligent PRO-AV Solution

  • Easy to divide and merge two spaces
  • Different angles with multi-camera
  • Presenter Tracking in multiple modes
  • Flexible audio options with Shure, Biamp, Extron, etc.
  • Support Multi-Camera Intelliframe to feel natural and eortless in conversations


  • MCore Pro mini-PC
  • MTouch Plus touch console
  • RoomSensor
  • AVHub
  • 2x UVC86 camera
  • 2x WPP30 wireless presentation pod
  • MVC BYOD Extender

For Large Rooms (11-20 people)

Smart 4K Tracking Experience

  • 4K sensor and 12x optical zoom
  • Intelligent video features (Auto Framing/Speaker Tracking/Presenter Tracking/Multi-Focus/Video Fence)
  • Auto-privacy protection

Flexible Audio System

Recommended audio devices including Yealink VCM35 wired microphone, VCM38 ceiling microphone and VCM36 wireless microphone for different demands.


  • MCore Pro mini-PC
  • MTouch Plus touch console
  • RoomSensor
  • UVC86 camera
  • 2x VCM35 array microphones
  • Yealink soundbar MSpeaker II
  • WPP30 wireless presentation pod

For Medium Rooms (7-11 people)

Performance and Spec

  • 4x Intel Movidius + 1x Nvidia 128-core GPU
  • 17 tops AI computing power
  • 10K camera module
  • 6+1 circular array microphones for AI
  • 6 array microphones for meetings

Intelligent Features

  • Equal layout and multi-stream
  • People Identification
  • Intelligent audio features
  • Supported Copilot


  • MCore Pro mini-PC
  • MTouch Plus touch console
  • SmartVision 60 AIO intelligent camera
  • RoomSensor

MVC Base Kit

MCore Pro Upgrade Highlights

  • Faster processing speed
  • 3x HDMI out supporting 21:9 displays
  • Built-in CEC chip
  • Built-in EDID module

MTouch Plus Upgrade Highlights

  • 11-inch touch screen
  • Multiple deployment options
  • Optional PD power supply for powering laptops when sharing screens
  • Two colors options


  • MCore Pro mini-PC
  • MTouch Plus touch console
  • RoomSensor

Flexible Third Party Integrations

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