The First MTR Device in the World to be Certified on Android 12

20 September 2023

The Android 12 certification is a major milestone for AudioCodes and the RXV81, as it ensures that the device is equipped with the latest security features and performance enhancements. Android 12 brings a number of new features to the table that make it more secure and integrated with Microsoft Teams. These features include a privacy dashboard that gives users more control over their privacy settings, improved efficiency that makes it ideal for demanding applications like MTR devices, and support for new features like Together Mode in Microsoft Teams.

Here are some compelling reasons why this certification matters to end users:

Cutting-Edge Technology: Android 12 is the latest version of the Android operating system, and it brings a number of new features and improvements. This means that the RXV81 will be able to take advantage of the latest technology advancements, ensuring that users have the best possible meeting experience.

Enhanced Security: Android 12 includes a number of new security features, such as a privacy dashboard and improved encryption. This means that users can be confident that their meetings and data are safe and secure.

Seamless Performance: Android 12 is designed to be more responsive and efficient than previous versions of Android. This means that the RXV81 will be able to handle even the most demanding meetings with ease.

Microsoft Teams Excellence: The RXV81 is specifically designed for Microsoft Teams, and it offers a number of features that make it the perfect choice for Teams users. These features include support for Together Mode, live captions, and more.

The AudioCodes RXV81 is a plug-and-play Microsoft Teams Rooms video bar that makes it easy to have productive meetings.

With its built-in speakers and microphones, the RXV81 provides clear audio and video for everyone in the room, even when you're using a large room. The ePTZ camera with 5x zoom lets you focus on the speaker or the whiteboard, and the Full HD resolution ensures that everyone looks their best.

The RX-PAD leverages plug-and-play simplicity to provide a productive and familiar Microsoft Teams meeting experience, requiring only a PoE cable for quick installation. This cable is inserted into a cleverly designed compartment that prevents it from being accidentally disconnected by a meeting participant.